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    Learn about the Savage Seas
    Learn about every facet of the ocean with PBS Online. This site offers a virtual journey to the ocean floor and animation detailing the journey of the Trieste, a vessel legendary for its descent to the deepest point of the sea, almost seven miles below the surface. Or you can learn about how waves work, and the forces that produce Tsunamis.

    The Ocean In Motion
    Learn about the turbulet oceans of our planet. This site contains in-depth upper-level information about waves, tides and and ocean currents. Finish up with an on-line quiz! This site also features some helpful diagrams.

    Learn about Ocean Tides
    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) education pages describe the tremendous forces that cause the world’s tides, and why it is important for us to understand how they work.

    Take a Virtual Tour of Aquarius!
    Aquarius the world's only underwater laboratory operational in our world's oceans. Located adjacent to the coral reef in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Aquarius is owned and funded by NOAA and is operated by the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

    Learn About Argo!
    Argo is a global array of 3,000 free-drifting profiling floats that will measure the temperature and salinity of the upper 2000 meters of the ocean. This will allow continuous monitoring of the climate state of the ocean, with all data being relayed and made publicly available within hours after collection.

    How Barrier Islands Work
    Examine the fragile ecosystems of barrier islands: how these islands are formed, what habitats and life are present on them, how they change, the consequences of development and the recreational activities that attract tourists to them every year.

    Explore the Coast of North Carolina
    This site has beautiful pictures of each area of the Outer Banks from the sound to the ocean. If you want to see what our area looks like before you come, or if you need information for a report, check this site out!

    Barrier Island Habitats
    Enjoy a quick overview of a Barrier Islands, and their distinct habitats.

    Beaches: Characteristics of our Coast
    This is an in-depth upper-level site containing information about physical characteristics of beaches along with information on plants and animals, and human interactions. Finish up with an on-line quiz! It also features some helpful diagrams.

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    Forests: Seeing the Forests and the Trees
    EcoKids Online's terrific site will teach you all about trees, tree parts, forests, threats to forests, and what you can do to help.

    Online Dichotomous Key for Southeastern Forests
    The first step in tree identification is knowing that there are always distinguishing characteristics that separate one tree species from another. Try using this tree key to identify the different trees around your school or home. This will require some careful detective work on your part, but it should be fun and easy.

    Trees of North Carolina
    Do you need concise information about the trees that grow in North Carolina? The Plant Information Center is a great reference site.

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    An Introduction to Ponds and Lakes
    Learn the basics of freshwater ecology. This site has information about the differences between lakes and ponds, a description of pond succession, and great information on freshwater plants and animals.

    Understanding Lake Ecology
    This is an in-depth upper-level site containing information about physical, chemical, and biological features of lakes. It also features some helpful diagrams.

    Life in a Pond
    This site features a cross-section of a typical pond in which you can click on parts of the pond to learn about the plants and animals found in it.

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    Learn about the Salt Marsh
    Estuaries are places where freshwater rivers and streams flow into the ocean, mixing with the seawater. A wide variety of birds, fish, and other wildlife make estuaries their home. People also live, fish, swim, and enjoy nature in estuaries and the lands surrounding them. Use this Web site to explore these unique environments, including some of the plants and animals that live there.

    An Introduction to the Estuary
    This is an in-depth upper-level site containing information about physical characteristics of estuaries along with information on plants and animals, and human interactions. Finish up with an on-line quiz! It also features some helpful diagrams.

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    Learn about Watersheds
    Water...we all depend on it for survival. But water is a scarce resource! How can we keep this water pure? Many things happen in a watershed that affect the quality of the water we rely upon. What are they? Would you make the best decisions in managing your watershed? Examine the issues in each area of the watershed, then see the impacts of your choices!

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    What does water mean to you?
    Do you know how much water it takes to grow a hamburger? How do you think water problems rank in the grand scheme of problems? How does your family rank based on how much water you use at home on an average day? See how other students across the country answered these same questions on this interactive site.

    Water Water Everywhere
    As the saying goes ... "water, water, everywhere." Well, how much water is there; where is this water; how does it move around? This section of the Water Science for Schools website tells the story of where, how much, and in what forms water exists on Earth.

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    Learn about Hurricanes!
    Check out this NASA kids site to learn how hurricanes are born, how they move and how dangerous they can be. Take a virtual tour of a hurricane, and find out if YOUR name has been used for one of these destructive storms.

    The Hurricane Hunters
    It's true! There are people that airplanes right into the eye of a hurricane. Follow this link to ride along in Cyberspace! Take a look a thier unique photos of the inside of hurricanes. The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, known as the Hurricane Hunters of the Air Force Reserve, has been flying into tropical storms and hurricanes since 1944.

    How Hurricanes Work
    This site holds high-level information defining a hurricane and its parts. Learn how hurricanes differ from other tropical storms, how they move, the destruction and damage they cause, and how hurricanes are tracked. You'll be amazed at the power and impact of these storms!

    Astronomy for Kids
    Did you ever wonder how big the universe is? Well, this site will give you a good idea with an amazing interactive visual. But don't stop there! This site has it all, you can learn about our solar system, the Space Shuttle, future innovations in space exploration, the future of Mars exploration and the secrets of deep space. Or you can just play some really fun games.

    Virtual Phases of the Moon
    Would you like to know what phase the moon will be in tomorrow? Next Tuesday? On January 23, 2049? How about the day you were born? The day your grandmother was born?? This amazing site will tell all.

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    Sea Turtle Tracking Site
    Use this site to learn about sea turtles and find out how you can get involved and help protect sea turtles. You can also follow a real sea turtle around the ocean using the researchers tracking system.

    Sea Turtle Rehabilitation
    The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle rescue and Rehabilitation Center is a sanctuary committed to the care and release of sick and injured sea turtles. On their website, you can keep up with the progress of each of their patients as they are cared for, and hopefully released.

    Take a Shark Surfari
    Do you think you know everything there is to know about sharks? Take this interesting interactive quiz about sharks, and learn about these intelligent diverse creatures who play a key role in our ocean ecosystem.

    Go on an AMAZING Bug Hunt
    Even though bugs may look really disgusting, most bugs are beneficial to our environment. Learn about predators and pollinators as you go on an interactive bug hunt. You will search out and then learn about the most amazing insects from dragonflies to ladybugs to preying mantises.

    Whales: Giant, Mysterious Creatures of the Sea
    Whales are magnificent creatures worthy of our respect and protection. Check out this website to learn amazing facts about these denizens of the deep, and find out how you can help protect them.

    Butterflies of North Carolina
    Would you like to know what species of butterflies are present in your county? Check out the beautiful pictures on this website! From Cherokee County in the west to Dare County in the east and every county in between, you can see the butterflies that live in your area!

    Take a Virtual Tour of the Underground Railroad
    During this Virtual Tour, you are a slave. Your body, your time, your very breath belong to a farmer in 1850s Maryland. Six long days a week you tend his fields and make him rich. You have never tasted freedom. You never expect to. And yet . . . your soul lights up when you hear whispers of attempted escape. Freedom means a hard, dangerous trek. Will you try it?