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Current Events Program Goals and Objectives
Grade Level 6

About the Current Events Program
The Current Events Program teaches students about the dangers of the loss of biodiversity to human health and gives them a chance to learn about population growth, climate change, air and water quality, waste disposal and energy consumption in fun and engaging ways. We want students to understand that everything they throw away goes somewhere and that every action they take affects something else. We want them to know what they can do to conserve our environment, and in doing so, our way of life. But most importantly, after learning about the threats to our global environment, we want students to feel empowered, not afraid. Because of the complex and scientific nature of this program, we are offering these classes only to groups of students 6th grade and older.

Main Curriculum Area: Science
Other Curriculum Area: Health Education

Primary Goals and Objectives:
These objectives will be covered during all Current Events Program classes. Some objectives are more specific to one habitat than another, so if your schedule does not allow you to take all offered classes, or if there are particular objectives that you want to make sure we cover, please let us know what your specific needs are.

Health Education

Essential Standard 6.MEH.2

Analyze the potential outcome of positive stress management techniques.

Clarifying Objectives

6.MEH.2.1 Organize common responses to stressors based on the degree to which they are positive or negative and their likely health outcomes.

6.MEH.2.2 Differentiate between positive and negative stress management strategies.

Essential Standard 6.MEH.3

Analyze the relationship between healthy expression of emotions, mental health, and healthy behavior.

Clarifying Objectives

6.MEH.3.1 Interpret failure in terms of its potential for learning and growth.

6.MEH.3.2 Analyze the relationship between health-enhancing behaviors (communication, goal-setting and decision making) and the ability to cope with failure.

Essential Standard 6.PCH.3

Analyze measures necessary to protect the environment.

Clarifying Objectives

6.PCH.3.1 Differentiate between individual behaviors that can harm or help the environment.

6.PCH.3.2 Implement plans to work collaboratively to improve the environment.

Essential Standard 6.ICR.1

Understand healthy and effective interpersonal communication and relationships.

Clarifying Objectives

6.ICR.1.1 Classify behaviors as either productive or counterproductive to group functioning.

6.ICR.1.2 Implement verbal and non-verbal communication skills that are effective for a variety of purposes and audiences.

6.ICR.1.3Use strategies to communicate care, consideration, and respect for others.

Essential Standard 6.ICR.2

Apply strategies and skills for developing and maintaining healthy relationships.

Clarifying Objectives

6.ICR.2.3 Use effective refusal skills to avoid negative peer pressure, sexual behaviors, and sexual harassment.

6.ICR.2.4 Use resources in the family, school, and community to report sexual harassment and bullying.

6.ICR.2.5 Summarize strategies for predicting and avoiding conflict.

6.ICR.2.6 Design nonviolent solutions to conflicts based on an understanding of the perspectives of those involved in the conflicts.

6.ICR.2.7 Explain the signs of an abusive relationship and access resources for help.


Essential Standard 6.MS.1

Apply competent motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.

Clarifying Objectives
Use some specialized skills that are refined and appropriate for modified game play.

PE.6.MS.1.2 Integrate locomotor and manipulative skills with a partner, in small-group, and in small-sided game situations.

PE.6.MS.1.2 Explain the importance of practice to improve skill level.

Essential Standard 6.MC.2

Understand concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics that apply to the learning and performance of movement.

Clarifying Objectives

6.MC.1 Apply principles of practice and conditioning that enhance movement performance

6.MC.2 Explain when and why to use strategies and tactics within game play.

Essential Standard 6.HF.3

Understand the importance of achieving and maintaining a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.

Essential Standard 6.PR.4

Use behavioral strategies that are responsible and enhance respect of self and others and value activity.

Clarifying Objectives

PE.6.PR.4.1 Use appropriate strategies to seek greater independence from adults when completing assigned tasks.

PE.6.PR.4.2 Use well-developed cooperation skills to accomplish group goals in both cooperative and competitive situations.

PE.6.PR.4.3 Analyze conflicts that arise in competitive activities to determine the most appropriate ways of resolving the conflicts.

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