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Cultural Program Goals and Objectives
Grade Level 5

About the Cultural Program
Social Studies and Science are often treated as separate subjects in school, but with our Cultural Program, we'll combine social studies and science. During the habitat classes, students explore the Sound, Salt Marsh, Pond, Beach and Forest, and focus on human interaction with the habitats. We'll explore the three groups of people to inhabit our area (African Americans, Europeans, and Native Americans) and find out how each group experimented with island plants, animals and other materials. Finally, we'll explore how our current culture (that's us!) uses plants, animals and materials native to our island habitat and how we can conserve and protect them. Because of the multi-disciplinary mix of social studies and science, we are offering these classes only to groups of students 6th grade and younger.

Main Curriculum Area: Science
Other Curriculum Area: Health Education

Primary Goals and Objectives:
These objectives will be covered during all Cultural Program classes. Some objectives are more specific to one habitat than another, so if your schedule does not allow you to take all offered classes, or if there are particular objectives that you want to make sure we cover, please let us know what your specific needs are.

Essential Standard 5.G.1

Understand how human activity has and continues to shape the United States.

Clarifying Objectives
5.G.1.2 Explain the positive and negative effects of human activity on the physical environment of the United States, past and present.

Essential Standard 5.E.2

Understand that personal choices result in benefits or consequences.

Essential Standard 5.C.1

Understand how increased diversity resulted from migration, settlement patterns and economic development in the United States.

Clarifying Objectives
5.C.1.4 Understand how cultural narratives (legends, songs, ballads, games, folk tales and art forms) reflect the lifestyles, beliefs and struggles of diverse ethnic groups.
Health Education
Essential Standard 5.MEH.1 Apply positive stress management strategies

Clarifying Objectives
Implement positive stress management strategies.

5.MEH.1.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of stress management strategies.

Essential Standard 5.ICR.1

Understand healthy and effective interpersonal communication and relationships.

Clarifying Objectives
Illustrate the dangers of communicating with unknown individuals.

5.ICR.1.3 Explain the impact of stereotyping and discrimination on other people's self-respect and feelings.

5.ICR.1.4 Summarize how to solve problems and resolve conflict without avoidance or violence.

Essential Standard 5.MS.1 Apply competent motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.

Clarifying Objectives
Execute combinations of more complex locomotor skills and manipulative skills specific to individual, dual, and team activities.

PE.5.MS.1.2 Use increasingly complex skills with power and accuracy.

PE.5.MS.1.3 Illustrate mature form in combining locomotor and manipulative skills for traditional and non- traditional activities.

PE.5.MS.1.4 Create movement sequences that are smooth and fluid and have several different rhythmic patterns.

Essential Standard 5.MC.2 Understand concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics that apply to the learning and performance of movement.

Clarifying Objectives

PE.5.MC.2.2 Evaluate movement and game skills in order to provide feedback that will lead to improvement.

Essential Standard 5.HF.3 Understand the importance of achieving and maintaining a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.

Clarifying Objectives

PE.5.HF.3.3 Select physical activities that develop/maintain each of the five components of health-related fitness.

Essential Standard 5.PR.4 Use behavioral strategies that are responsible and enhance respect of self and others and value activity.

Clarifying Objectives
Use self-control to work independently in developing responsibility and respect for self and others.

PE.5.PR.4.2 Use cooperation and communication skills to achieve common goals.

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