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Cultural Program Goals and Objectives
Grade Level 1

About the Cultural Program
Social Studies and Science are often treated as separate subjects in school, but with our Cultural Program, we'll combine social studies and science. During the habitat classes, students explore the Sound, Salt Marsh, Pond, Beach and Forest, and focus on human interaction with the habitats. We'll explore the three groups of people to inhabit our area (African Americans, Europeans, and Native Americans) and find out how each group experimented with island plants, animals and other materials. Finally, we'll explore how our current culture (that's us!) uses plants, animals and materials native to our island habitat and how we can conserve and protect them. Because of the multi-disciplinary mix of social studies and science, we are offering these classes only to groups of students 6th grade and younger.

Main Curriculum Area: Science
Other Curriculum Area: Social Studies
Other Curriculum Area: Health Education

Primary Goals and Objectives:
These objectives will be covered during all Cultural Program classes. Some objectives are more specific to one habitat than another, so if your schedule does not allow you to take all offered classes, or if there are particular objectives that you want to make sure we cover, please let us know what your specific needs are.

Essential Standards
Understand that history tells a story of how people and events changed society over time.

Clarifying Objectives

I.H.1.1 Explain how and why neighborhoods and communities change over time.

I.H.1.2 Explain the importance of folklore and celebrations and their impact on local communities.

Essential Standards
Understand how humans and the environment interact within the local community.

Clarifying Objectives

I.G.2.1 Explain ways people change the environment (planting trees, recycling, cutting down trees, building homes, building streets, etc.).

I.G.2.2 Explain how people use natural resources in the community.

I.G.2.3 Explain how the environment impacts where people live (urban, rural, weather, transportation, etc.).

Social Studies: Civics and Government

Essential Standards1.C&G.1

Understand the importance of rules.

Clarifying Objectives
1.C&G.1.1 Explain why rules are needed in the home, school and community.

1.C&G.1.2 Classify the roles of authority figures in the home, school and community (teacher, principal, parents, mayor, park rangers, game wardens, etc).

1.C&G.1.3Summarize various ways in which conflicts could be resolved in homes, schools, classrooms and communities

Health Education
Essential Standard 1.MEH.1 Understand the relationships among healthy expression of emotions, mental health, and healthy behavior.

Clarifying Objectives
Use effective communication to express and cope with emotions.

1.MEH.1.2 Use methods of positive coping with disappointment and failure.

Essential Standard 1.ICR.1 Understand healthy and effective interpersonal communication and relationships.

Clarifying Objectives
Explain the importance of demonstrating respect for the personal space and boundaries of others.

1.ICR.1.2 Explain the value of having a diversity of students in the classroom.

Essential Standard 1.MS.1 Apply competent motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.

Clarifying Objectives
Execute recognizable forms of all eight basic locomotor skills in different pathways, levels, or directions.

PE.1.MS.1.2 Use recognizable forms of the five basic manipulative skills.

PE.1.MS.1.3 Generate smooth transitions between sequential locomotor skills.

PE.1.MS.1.4 Use non-locomotor and locomotor skills in a variety of pathways, in different directions, and at different levels in response to music.

Essential Standard 1.MC.2 Understand concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics that apply to the learning and performance of movement.

Clarifying Objectives
Use movement and manipulative skills involving equipment.

PE.1.MC.2.2 Illustrate two or more of the essential elements of correct form for the five fundamental manipulative skills.

PE.1.MC.2.3 Understand how to use teacher and peer feedback to improve basic motor performance.

PE.1.MC.2.4 Illustrate activities that increase heart rate and make muscles strong.

Essential Standard 1.HF.3 Understand the importance of achieving and maintaining a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.

Clarifying Objectives
PE.1.HF.3.2 Select physical activities based on one's interests and physical development.

PE.1.HF.3.3 Contrast moderate physical activity and vigorous physical activity.

Essential Standard 1.PR.4 Use behavioral strategies that are responsible and enhance respect of self and others and value activity.

Clarifying Objectives
Use basic strategies and concepts for working cooperatively in group settings.

PE.1.PR.4.2 Understand how social interaction can make activities more enjoyable.

PE.1.PR.4.3 Use safe practices when engaging in physical education activities.

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