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Sound to Sea Full-Day (6-Hour) Program Options

Group Size: Group size is limited to between 8 and 12 individuals.

Group Makeup:To ensure a productive learning environment, school age children should vary in age by no more than 2 grade levels. We will be happy to set up intergenerational programs.

Availability: There are only a limited number of weekday and weekend programs available. Calling early is recommended, though we cannot guarantee availability.

Cost: $250 per instructor

To create a full-day schedule, you will begin with Barrier Island Ecology class and may choose up to three other classes from the following list. Program times can vary, so please discuss possible programming options with the Trinity Center Program Director.

Barrier Island Ecology
1 - 3 hour class. Stroll from the sound to the ocean with our staff naturalist, as you visit five dramatically different habitats and we highlight the island's geologic past. Available for grades 9-12 and adult groups.

Beach Walk and Turtle Talk
1 hour class. Join our staff naturalist for a relaxed and informative look at the plants, animals and shells of this fragile habitat and a discussion of North Carolina's endangered sea turtles. Available for grades 1-12.

Birds of Prey
1 hour class. Showcases our live birds of prey with added lessons covering properties of air, mechanics of flight, and bird adaptations. Available for grades 1-8.

Maritime Forest Exploration
1 hour class. A botanical tour through our coastal woodland features an array of unusual wild edibles, which we'll sample at the end of the program. Available for grades 1-12 and adult groups.

Sound Exploration
1 hour class. We'll use dip nets to discover what lives in our Sound and get wet in the process. Available for grades 1-12 and adult groups.

Beach Exploration
1 hour class. Learn about the beach habitat, the animals and plants that live on it, and some of the issues that are challenging the beach today. Available for grades 1-12.

Pond Exploration
1 hour class. Use dip nets to explore and learn about the plants, animals and insects that live in and around the freshwater pond. Available for grades 1-12.

Coastal Native Americans
1 hour class. From hide tanning and natural fiber rope making to hunting and fire starting, we'll demonstrate the life skills of the earliest North Carolinians. Available for grades 3-8.

Whales and Whalers
1 hour class. Hands-on activities and incredible stories illustrate topics from whale biology to ship- and shore-based whaling. Available for grades 1-8.

Group Challenge Course
1 - 3 hour class. Explore your human community with Trinity Center's professionally-designed Group Challenge Course. With trained staff as facilitators, participants discover how to function as a group by employing creative problem-solving techniques. Groups meet unforgettable physical challenges by working together, by depending on each other, and by recognizing each group member's unique contributions. These group-building skills travel back to school to strengthen the classroom, work or group community. The Group Challenge Course promotes interdependence among group members and promotes the idea that any group can become more effective at problem-solving.
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