Worship at Trinity

Trinity Center's Worship Spaces

We treat each visitor as a pilgrim and each pilgrim as a person. Trinity Center has been a place for people to come for refreshment and retreat since its doors first opened in 1986. The maritime paths, the benches by the lagoon, the porch rockers all invite guests to sit, relax, enjoy the stillness. Trinity Center has been designed so skillfully that different groups of people may use the facility at the same time and still not intrude on each other's space.

Julian Chapel

The chapel, dedicated to Julian of Norwich, a 14th century anchorite and mystic, offers a place for prayer and meditation twenty-four hours a day. The Chapel, designed by Doris Bartels, a liturgical designer, features works of art and craftsmanship of outstanding quality. The Julian Chapel seats twenty-four people comfortably and is available for corporate prayer and worship by those who visit Trinity Center. Frequently local volunteers read Morning Prayer from The Book of Common Prayer at 7:30am before breakfast. All are welcome.

Requests for prayer may be left in the Chapel where daily intercessions are made. Contact the Guest Services Coordinator for further information.

Sanders Point

The Bishop's Chapel at Sanders Point is named in honor of the Rt. Rev. B. Sidney Sanders, VI Bishop of the Diocese of East Carolina. This outdoor chapel on Bogue Sound has seating for 80 people and offers an excellent place for prayer, meditation and reflection, where one may be joined by stalking egrets and soaring herons offering companionship in the stillness. Occasionally, the silence may be broken by the loud squawk of the laughing gulls in the adjacent waters, but this disturbance is a gentle one, placing one in the natural order of things as participant.

Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross Path winds along a gently twisting section of the maritime forest between Pelican House and the Morgan Beach House/Pavilion area. The stations were designed by Jim Snell and dedicated to The Reverend Cherry Livingston and his wife, Betty. Pamphlets to aid in prayer before the fourteen stations are available at the entrance to the path.

A Prayer Garden

A prayer garden, dedicated to the memory of The Rt. Rev. Sidney Sanders, VI Bishop of the Diocese of East Carolina, is a beautiful spot in front of Pelican House. During your stay at Trinity Center, visit this quiet, peaceful garden where steps lead down to a winding flagstone path with wide, comfortable benches. A gentle flow of water into a small pool surrounded most of the year by flowering plants and bushes, invites the visitor to remain in quiet stillness.

Silent Worship and Retreats

Persons who desire an individual quiet time at Trinity Center are welcome on a space available basis to spend time at the Pelican House on retreat. Click here for more information about individual silent retreats.

For this is the reason why we are not fully at ease in heart and soul: because here we seek rest in these things that are so little, in which there is no rest, and we recognize not our God who is all powerful, all wise, all good, for He is the true rest.