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Thank you for your interest in working with Sound to Sea, Trinity Center's environmental education program. Our program began in 1992, and we're very proud of what we have achieved by our long hours of hard work. However, there's still a lot of room for staff to affect the program's future.

Sound to Sea, the only residential environmental education program on the Outer Banks, offers school groups a habitat-based program which includes multi-disciplinary hands-on activities, a low ropes Challenge Course and special evening programs. Last year, 110 school groups (over 6000 students-grades 2-12, teachers and chaperons) explored our barrier island and it's five habitats in Sound to Sea programs at Trinity Center on Bogue Banks. Sound to Sea benefits the school group academically and socially, both at Trinity Center and back at school.

The most important thing we look for in any person who applies to work at the Sound to Sea Program is a love for children. You must have a strong desire to be with them and help them learn. As an instructor at Sound to Sea, you are in the extraordinarily powerful position of giving many students their first look at the natural world, their first experience of loving learning, their first positive, applied experience in the sciences, or their first thought towards protecting our fragile planet. This position is an honor and a responsibility. Each child who comes through the program will only come here one time, and will see whatever you do with completely new eyes.

Another absolute must is a love for our environment. We believe that you can only teach a subject well if you have a genuine feeling for it, so you must have a genuine interest in teaching about and learning more about our environment and about current environmental issues.

AND YOU MUST HAVE THE ABILITY AND DESIRE TO WORK LONG HOURS. Our workday is long (8 a.m. to 9 p.m.) and we demand a lot from our staff. However, because our expectations are high we have had the honor of hiring a consistantly high quality teaching staff since we began in 1992.

A question that comes into many environmental educators' minds as they are searching for a position is "am I going to be a glorified camp counselor or a teacher." At Sound to Sea, we have put years of hard work into becoming a functioning teaching program where our classroom is the great outdoors. We teach hard science along with a love for nature. We feel that while it is nice for a child to appreciate nature, it is also important for them to learn what they can do to preserve it through science.

If you have any questions about our program, please give us a call at 1-888-874-6287. We look forward to hearing from you.


Take care,

Mindy Furrer, Program Director, Trinity Center

Meghan Dinneen, Program Coordinator, Sound to Sea


Job Specifics:

Duties: Instructors learn about five major habitats on the island (sound, salt marsh, maritime forest, pond, sea) and coastal cultures (including Native American, Colonial skills) and then utilize related hands-on activities to teach multidisciplinary curriculum (daytime and evening programs). Instructors maintain aquaria, aquaculture projects, and raptor mews. Instructors will have overnight duty one night every two weeks and will receive free Basic First Aid and CPR training.

Qualifications: Committed, energetic, community-oriented individuals able to function in Trinity Center's highly service-oriented, professional atmosphere. College degree. Ability and desire to work with elementary students through senior adults (in Elderhostel program) from small-group to lecture situations. Ability to work unsupervised, create programs, classes and workshops. Flexibility, initiative and adaptability a must; teaching experience, biology background and/or medical training helpful

Who to Contact/What to Send:

How to Apply: Please send a cover letter, resume and 3 references.

Contact Person: Mindy Furrer, Sound to Sea Program Director

Address: Trinity Center's Sound to Sea Env. Ed. Program/Jobs

P.O. Drawer 380

Salter Path, NC 28575

Telephone: (252) 247-5600

Fax: (252) 247-3290