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Designed as a silent retreat facility, the Pelican House is a unique part of the Diocese of East Carolina. Pelican House is an apt name for the beautiful residential building, as flocks of these magnificent birds fly past the house skimming the ocean waters. The pelican is also an ancient Christian symbol for Christ.

The Pelican House is used for a variety of retreats. Trinity Center provides space for guided spiritual retreats, silent retreats, and opportunities for quiet personal time throughout the year. Groups of up to 12 people may reserve the Pelican House for small group retreats that are meditative or spiritual in nature.

Pelican House Facilities

The Pelican House building can accommodate up to 12 guests. The individual sleeping rooms have one or two single beds, a small desk and dresser. Four in-home style bathrooms are shared. The facility has a common living area, which can be used as a casual meeting space, and a kitchenette with refrigerator, coffee maker and microwave (meals are served in the Trinity Center dining room). The oratory can be used both for meditation and services. One of the finest features of Pelican House is the cupola at the top of the house, with superb views over the ocean, eminently suited for solitary meditation. This cupola is accessed by way of a spiral stairway, making it the only area not accessible to persons with physical handicaps. There are three outside porches: one screened and two open. Adjacent to Pelican House is the Prayer Garden and a pathway through the maritime forest with the Stations of the Cross.

Pelican House Small Group Retreats

Looking for a place to have a small spiritual or meditative group retreat? Trinity Center's Pelican House may be the perfect space for your gathering. The Pelican House was originally designed as a silent retreat facility, but is also the perfect space for vestry and church council meetings, personal writing sessions, Sunday school workshops and other cloistered, contemplative retreats. Make use of the living room, porches and other common areas for group gatherings or for one-on-one talks. Prayerful time may be spent in the oratory, cupola or in your own private room. Your group of 8 to 12 people may reserve the Pelican House and enjoy the views while still enjoying the services of Trinity Center's dining facility and other attractions. Simply contact Trinity Center's Group Coordinator. (Conferencing rates and contract agreements apply.)

Programs to Engage the Spirit

Silent Retreats

Take advantage of an opportunity to explore your sense of self, your life purpose(s) and its meaning. Choose to stay anywhere from 2 nights to the entire scheduled retreat time at Pelican House. Bring a good book, the Good Book, a beach towel and writing materials...whatever you need to find rest and peace. Pray, meditate or rest in your private room, at a variety of reflective outdoor locations or in the comfort of Pelican House porches. Rules of Silence apply in the Pelican House during silent retreat weeks except during worship. Some Silent Retreats offer a host for the week who may offer the Daily Offices from the Book of Common Prayer either in the oratory at Pelican House or at the Julian Chapel at Trinity Center.

Personal Time

Take time to get away on a personal retreat at Pelican House without the restrictions of silence. If you like the idea of retreating, but don't want to attend a specific program, then this personal time is for you. Enjoy the sound, the sea, the beach, fresh air and sunshine! Come for 2 nights or stay the entire time.

Guided Spiritual Retreats

Guided Spiritual Retreats are those led by an experienced retreat leader and usually have a specific theme or offer a window into a particular spiritual discipline or theological orientation. Each retreat is a learning opportunity with designated teaching times and reflection/response times. Individual and corporate worship is included and the retreat leader or another appropriate person will be available for personal conversation/counsel as participants' desire. Each Guided Spiritual Retreat is limited to residency at Pelican House.

The leader of this retreat is Lisa Richey. She is a laywoman and spiritual director from Lake Waccamaw and is a member of the Grace Episcopal/ Christ the King Lutheran congregation in Whiteville. She is an oblate in the Order of Julian of Norwich and a charter member of the Shalem Society for Contemplative Leadership.

Pelican House Schedule and Rates


Silent Retreat April 5-11, 2021 $95 per night $20 per night*
Personal Time May 23-30, 2021 $95 per night $20 per night*
Silent Retreat June 18-25, 2021 $95 per night $20 per night*
Personal Time July 4-11, 2021 $95 per night $20 per night*
Silent Retreat August 22-29, 2021 $95 per night $20 per night*
Personal Time September 5-12, 2021 $95 per night $20 per night*
Silent Retreat October 8-15, 2021 $95 per night $20 per night*
Advent Retreat December 3-5, 2021 $295 per person TBA
Silent Retreat December 5-12, 2021 $95 per night $20 per night*

*All registration fees are non-refundable

Pelican House Reservations

To Make Reservations

To make reservations for our scheduled Programs to Engage the Spirit, contact Nancy Reynolds at or call Trinity Center toll free at 888-874-6287.

To rent the Pelican House for a small group, contact the group coordinator at or call Trinity Center toll free at 888-874-6287.

Rooms are reserved on a first call / first served basis. A non-refundable registration fee is required at the time you make your reservation. Scholarships are available. Please contact Nancy Reynolds at for more information.