At a Glance

Trinity Center on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and away from busy city life, has much to offer your organization.

Whether you need to find a place to retreat and refresh your staff, train new employees, or to plan your year . . . we offer a non-commercial atmosphere. We hope you will come here and let us help you complete those plans and enjoy the services of a staff that is understanding, warm, professional and ready to serve your every need.

The primary purpose of Trinity Center is to accommodate groups from the Episcopal Diocese of East Carolina. We do, however, welcome groups from all church denominations and non-profit organizations. Trinity Center regularly hosts all types of retreats and conferences.

Who uses us?

Church Organizations

We welcome churches of all denominations to bring groups to Trinity Center. Trinity Center has hosted all kinds of retreats including choir retreats, congregational or family retreats, women's and men's retreats and spiritual retreats. Groups also come to Trinity Center to hold vestry and church councils, clergy conferences, adult Sunday school classes and youth events. Whatever the occasion, Trinity Center is a great place to bring your group together.

Non-Profit Organizations

Because Trinity Center is a Non-Profit Organization, we understand how hard it is to find time to create a staff retreat or plan your year without outside interruption. Trinity Center has hosted all sorts of non-profit conferences including local, state and government agencies, creativity, writing and painting workshops, university continuing education workshops and museum field trips. Trinity Center is also a great place for public/private school or college/university faculty, student or administrative retreats. Whatever the purpose of your stay, Trinity Center's restful surroundings, well designed and equipped conference rooms and attractive overnight accommodations will help you toward your goal.

Family Reunions

Trinity Center is an ideal space to bring your family together for a weekend or a week of reunion! We provide your lodging, meals, lounge areas and recreational facilities. We do all the work and you have all the fun enjoying your family.

Educational Programs

Want a fun, hands on, educational experience for your kids? Come with your school group during the school year for an overnight environmental field trip, or individually in the summer to our environmental summer day camp. Here with a conference group? Ask how our programming can enrich your experience!

Road Scholar


Interested in learning? Come enjoy fun, hands-on classes for people age 55 and up covering topics from area ecology to history to digital photography and more!