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We hope you agree to be part of the Friends of Trinity. Our “Friends” initiative is intended to help strengthen support for Trinity Center and its present and future needs. “Friends” will be encouraged to pray regularly for Trinity Center and its ministry, to spread the word of this ministry to others in their congregation and community, and to support this ministry financially as they are able. We encourage you to become a part of our "Friends” initiative as we work together to protect Trinity Center’s future.

If you are interested in supporting Trinity Center's ministry financially as a Friend of Trinity, please consider the following designations for your donation:

Ways to Give as a Friend of Trinity

Debt Relief
You could support Trinity Center by contributing to the reduction of the center’s consolidated debt. When Penn became executive director in late 2006, the previous administration’s debt was consolidated by the Trinity Board of Managers. Ten years later, that debt has never been added to, and the total has been steadily paid down by more than half.

Endowment Fund
You could support Trinity Center by contributing to the Trinity and Beyond Endowment. This endowment has already been established to help Trinity Center perform the operational upkeep required for a facility this size on an island off the coast. Yearly disbursements from funds held by our own Episcopal Foundation would be used for scheduled maintenance. Friends of Trinity who wish to remain anonymous have issued a challenge grant; they will match all contributions to Trinity and Beyond (to a maximum of $50,000) until the end of 2018. If you’d like to meet the challenge and help build the endowment, please donate to the Endowment Fund.

Special Projects
You could support Trinity Center by contributing to specific projects that need to be completed while we work to build the endowment. Current projects include:

Lagoon Cluster • Roof replacement - $18,450 • Deck replacement w/ramp - $17,908 • 2 handicapped-accessible rooms fully renovated - $29,000 • 6 regular rooms fully renovated - $75,000 • Living room - $25,000 for full renovation

Centrum Deck - $39,800 for full replacement, including demo of all decking and framing, install of all decking and framing (including ramp)

Sharp Building – $17,850 for full floor replacement with VCT (vinyl composition tile) (3400 square feet)

Four Dorms – $31,400 ($7,850 per dorm) for full floor replacement with VCT (1040 square feet per dorm)

Dorm Middle Room Bathrooms - $4,320 ($1,080 per dorm) for floor replacement and wall repair in middle room bathrooms

Camp Pool Bulkhead - $10,000 to buttress corner of camp pool where sagging into marsh

Conference, Camp, Beach - $200,000 for painting and siding replacement of exteriors of all buildings

Boathouse - $5,000 to replace the original boathouse used to store all sailboats, kayaks, and paddleboards

Conference Chairs - $7,500 for new chairs for the Sharp Building

Tables -$5,000 to replace broken tables and add additional round and rectangular tables

Join us!

We hope that you will be one of our inaugural members as we work together to protect Trinity Center's future. If you have any questions about becoming a Friend of Trinity, please contact Stephanie Rudolph by email ( or phone (252-247-5600, Ext. 32).

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