Annual Appeal

Hi Friend of Trinity Center. So this year for my birthday I took my family off the island for the weekend. We went to Saxapahaw, NC, and we stayed in a little cottage at the end of a long gravel drive off a country highway. The cottage was surrounded by forest on three sides, and it overlooked the Haw River. Internet was limited at best. And a funny thing happened. The Perry family threw the football, we kayaked, we ate together, and we talked. My now seven-year-old sons slept hard both nights, my wife and I sat on the back porch and drank coffee both mornings, and we rarely looked at our phones. Our Saxapahaw retreat was needed, and it was glorious.

That’s what Trinity Center represents to so many people. We make it possible for people to disconnect electronically, to reconnect interpersonally, to retreat, to relax, to find respite in the natural beauty around them. And you know what? I think that there are less and less places like Trinity Center. I think the world around us spins faster and faster on its axis, I think there are more distractions than ever, ring tones and notifications and vibrations, Twitter and Facebook and WhatsApp, screeds and rants and ravings, all competing for our limited attention, fracturing it into tiny pieces.

Sometimes I think we have to work harder each year to convince people that they need what we have to offer. Sometimes I wonder if people are so thirsty for what we have to offer that they don’t realize they’re thirsty at all. Maybe that’s why camp and conferences centers are struggling for business. We’re out of step with the times, I suppose. We’re not keeping up with trends. We’re not making headlines; we’re not shouting for attention.

Honestly, I’m fine with that. What Trinity Center asks is that you consider shutting off all of those distractions, just for a little while. We don’t shout at you; we don’t scream for your attention. We’re here, ready to receive you, ready to offer you some blessed relief.

But you already know all of that, Friend of Trinity Center. You already believe in what we have to offer. You already know that this little conference center on Bogue Banks stretching from the sound to the sea offers a unique retreating experience and an almost spiritual peace.

You also already know that this place looks better than it has during my entire thirteen year tenure as Executive Director. Thanks to the insurance proceeds from Hurricane Florence, we have been able to complete much-needed repairs and renovations all over property.

So what do we need from you? Once again, I ask for your help. You, Friend of Trinity Center, can help us by making use of our facility. Tell your friends; bring your groups; make clear how unique this place is and how much spiritual sustenance it can offer. Also, if you are willing, consider making a contribution to our Annual Fund. When you do so, you are enabling us to use your donated funds wherever needed around property. You may donate in honor or in memory of someone. Consider making a charitable donation or end-of-year gift this holiday season.

As always, I am so grateful for all of your support. Come and visit when you can, and be prepared to slow down. I promise you’ll be glad you did.

Happy Holidays.